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Career Cafe

Group CV and personal brand-building events

Develop your CV, online presence and personal brand

Brighton & Hove and surrounding area

Perfect for you if you’re looking for your next career step

Needing a fresh new approach and an essential confidence boost?

Facing or dealing with redundancy?

Jobseeking after a long time in that ‘job for life’?

Feeling a bit daunted about launching yourself out there again?

Needing a quick and easy brush up on skills you may not have needed in a while?

Career Cafe is a friendly, supportive discussion group with tuition, advice and coaching

An occasional event, two hours long, somewhere central, quiet and nice in Brighton and Hove

Leader: Philippa Hammond, learning and development consultant specialising in training career & personal brand, confident public speaking and leadership skills

Your elevator pitch

Introducing yourself!

Who are you, what do you do and what makes you so great?

Your CV

What’s the purpose of your CV?

What should and shouldn’t be on it?

Your networking skills

Using Linked In, Twitter and Facebook to promote Brand You

Finding and enjoying local business networking events

The four ways of finding work

Please bring your laptop or iPad to access your social media and a printed copy of your CV – doesn’t matter if it’s first draft, work in progress or a scribble on a napkin …

Discussion of your CV, social media presence and personal impact

You’ll leave with a set of actions to develop your knowledge, skills and thinking around your search for your next role


£10 including a coffee – pay on the day

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Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public / Management Creative


Core skills