Marketing the brand ‘new you’

About our new CV and Linked In service for aspiring, new and established professionals seeking their next career step

In today’s competitive and fast-moving job market, you’re a brand, a one person business with one product and one service – you, and what you do.

How you develop, package and market your brand will determine whether the customer wants to buy it –  or not.

Your CV, Linked In and Twitter presence are your marketing material.

I’ve worked with graduates, recently redundant professionals and those seeking their next career move.

I can help you create the punchy new CV and make the online impact you need to advertise your brand.

If you’ve just left university, you may feel your lack of experience will stop you getting the role you want.

We’ll highlight your education, potential and personality; the qualities an employer will want to develop and lead to greater achievements.

If you’re over fifty, you may feel your age is against you.

We’ll identify your key achievements, skills and experience; the knowledge and authority that make you an asset to an employer.

So many people who thought they had a job for life are now facing redundancy, with no preparation for the way the world of recruitment works.

We’ll prepare you to take your next confident career step by equipping you with the kit you need to succeed.

If it’s been some time since you needed a CV, your approach to CV writing may be out of date.

Your CV has just one purpose – to get you an interview. An outdated CV that doesn’t tick the recruiter’s boxes will head for the bin.

We’ll look at what recruiters want – and don’t want – from your CV.

We’ll identify your unique selling points; the key experience, achievements and skills that will spark the call to interview.

We’ll use the keywords recruiters will use to search for people with your range of skills and qualities, so you may not need to look for them – they’ll start coming to you.

Employers often try to recruit ideal candidates, asking for a wildly optimistic range of different skills.

You may feel that if you only have three of the five ‘must-haves’  there’s no point applying – yet your particular skillset may be exactly what’s needed.

Your new CV will help renew confidence in yourself and your USP, your unique selling point, as a marketable brand.

Social media isn’t about what you had for breakfast.

Those who get onto the short list are those who’ve realised that social media, business networking and online recruitment awareness are vital for self-marketing.

We’ll create or develop your Linked In profile, and establish your presence on Twitter.

Core skills

The Programme

Before we meet

You email me your current CV, whatever its stage

You send me your current headshot

I send you your Skills Audit portfolio – a set of self-reflective exercises for you to consider and prepare in advance

Once you’ve completed and returned your Skills Audit, we arrange a two hour meeting

During the meeting

We discuss your Skills Audit results and establish your vision and core values, what you are, what you offer and what you want

We begin your new CV

We create your new Linked In profile

We create your Twitter name and header

After our meeting

I complete your new CV and Linked In profile

Further reading on CV-writing, Twitter and Linked In for reference

Fee: £250.00


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Philippa Hammond

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