Career Essentials: Brand ‘New You’

About our courses in employability and career success

Are you faced with the need to downsize, with the prospect of redundancies and letting good people go?

Sometimes there’s no alternative – and it can be a difficult, even upsetting task for everyone

You can reassure yourself that you’re doing the best for your people by preparing them to take their next steps out there

We offer practical, cost-effective and supportive outplacement training and coaching events – and we deliver the new knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed

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  • For businesses looking for outplacement training and support for their people
  • For employees facing redundancy
  • For leaders, managers and business people who are moving on to their next career step
  • For age 50+ clients re-entering the job market
  • For ex-service people entering civilian working life
  • For graduates about to launch onto the job market

We design and deliver highly effective 1-1 career development coaching, group seminars and bespoke corporate outplacement training for any size audience and event

We support your people as they prepare to make their next career step

Our inspiring training and coaching includes

  • Dealing with change and stress, building confidence and developing a positive outlook for new achievement
  • Creating yourself as a new product launching onto a difficult market
  • Auditing your skills and qualities and understanding your unique selling points
  • Understanding the sole aim of a CV – to secure an interview
  • Creating the CV with impact – what should and should not go into a CV today
  • Writing the cover letter that will capture and keep attention
  • Using online recruitment services
  • Understanding the vital role of social networking for personal marketing, especially Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, and how your online social networking presence affects your personal and professional image
  • How to develop, package and market your personal brand, taking control of your verbal, visual and vocal impact to develop your career
  • Developing your elevator pitch – your graceful, intriguing and brief answer to ‘who are you and what do you do?’
  • Accessing the hidden job market and the four ways of finding work
  • Business and personal networking skills
  • Effective social skills, interview skills and presentation skills
  • Being new with grace

After a session, delegates leave with renewed confidence and positivity, vital knowledge and working skills to launch them on the next stage of their career journey

Real skills for the real world, inspiring for success


About our corporate outplacement programmes

How we help you prepare your people for their next career steps

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How we help you develop, package and market the brand ‘new you’

Cafe-based 1-1 discussion and CV sessions to take you further

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Career Cafe: About our group networking events

How we help you develop, package and market the brand ‘new you’

Cafe-based group discussion and CV sessions to take you further

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