Katy Friedman, director of global resourcing at international recruitment consultancy Robert Walters spoke to Stylist Magazine – highlights include these insights into recruitment today:

“ … We receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis – jobseekers reply to adverts on job sites, our own website or on LinkedIn – but usually, the most talented individuals aren’t the ones actively seeking another role. So we use our networks to approach these ‘passive job seekers’ … We just say, ‘I’ve seen your LinkedIn profile, I’m keen to have a chat.’ But it’s also about networking…

The first thing we look at is the CV. We’re looking for a relevant, consistent career and high achievements; we’re impressed if they have a history of smashing their sales targets or, if they are a new graduate, that they took part in Duke of Edinburgh at university, for example, or if they captained the rugby team or volunteered overseas.

But a good CV can only get you so far. Presentation, personality and energy are crucial. We notice things like a solid handshake, standing up when the interviewer enters the room, not chewing gum or smelling of cigarettes – these things really matter. I put a black mark against someone who doesn’t ask any questions at the end of an interview, or if, when I ask what they’re motivated by, they don’t say ‘money’, or ‘success’. We want people who are hungry to earn a fortune.

…My afternoons are spent preparing for evening events. I attend regular networking dos – they can be a great hunting ground for candidates… “

Personal impact, the importance of social networking, self presentation – all essential knowledge for anyone seeking their next career step.