How discovering and using the employer’s Task, Values and Language can strengthen your applications.

When sending out each application and preparing for an interview, research the employer’s website to discover both what they say about themselves and how they say it for your CV, emails & conversation.

Task – Do you have a good grasp of what they do? What are the issues that preoccupy them, the problems they tackle and the achievements they celebrate? The interviewer will almost certainly ask you what you know about the organisation, and will expect you to have done your homework to establish your credibility.

Values – Do you know what they believe in, stand for and promote? What chimes in with your own values? How a company sees itself and presents itself to the world matters, and they want employees who live those values. We like people who are like us, and they want to like you.

Language – Do you use their language in your communications with them? Each organisation has its own vocabulary, jargon and terms their existing staff feel comfortable with. If you echo their language, they will feel more comfortable with you because you understand each other.