How do you feel about the way the world is changing?

Are you confident and positive about the future – or worried about the world and your place in it? It’s changing fast, and there’s a lot of competition out there, too. We all have to adapt and change with it now.

Are you at a turning point in your work life?

Looking for your first job after leaving university?

Coming into the world of employment after serving in the armed forces?

Looking for a fresh start on release from a custodial sentence?

Starting out again in an uncertain world after redundancy?

Seeking work after unemployment?

Starting your own business?

Thinking about progress and promotion in your existing work, and feeling you could do so much more now, beyond your earlier expectations – if you only had more confidence and polish?

Finding yourself at a higher professional level now, feeling a bit of a fraud and needing a boost to your confidence, self-presentation and image?

Wherever you are right now…

It’s time to identify your strengths and build on them, to identify your gaps and fill them in. You already have a great hoard of skills you learned from life, school and work. So many existing skills can be honed and polished, and turned to new use in a new world, and new skills can be created at any time of life.

I can help you

Learn the confidence-building techniques that convince yourself that you deserve success – and help convince others, too

Develop your presentation, communication and public speaking skills to create a memorable personal impact

Audit your existing transferable skills and write the punchy modern CV to launch yourself

Isn’t it time you were out there, too?

Contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss your needs.


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Philippa Hammond

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