Looking for work is not easy. This is something you can’t change, so let’s concentrate on the thing you can change – what you do to win that new role.

Employability has a lot in common with sales. Think of yourself as a one-person business with one single product, launching onto a market full of similar products. Your job is to make your brand the best it can be and then convince the buyer that you’re the one that they want.

Employability for professionals is a three step process:

Step 1: Develop your brand

You may have been through the mill recently, facing redundancy or the need to move on. Confidence can take a huge knock, and it can be difficult to gain control again. So here’s where you need to develop your brand, discovering who you are by brainstorming everything you’ve got going for you.

You need to discover your transferable skills, your motivations and your barriers to employment as well as your list of past employers, job titles and tasks. Identify your ‘features and benefits’ and your unique selling point [USP]; the skillset and qualities that make you unique.

This where you’ll start to develop more self-confidence.

Step 2: Package your image

The next step is to present your public image to the world, mastering the great CV, the intriguing cover letter and your professional online presence. Your professional edit, if you like.

Here’s where you’ll start to project confidence.

Step 3: Market your skills

This is where your new sales skills come in. Sharpen your self-presentation, business networking and interview techniques to advertise, publicise and sell what you do.

Your new elevator pitch, business and social networking skills, understanding of online recruitment and portfolio of interview skills will now start to inspire employers’ confidence in you.

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