What does the way you say goodbye say about you?

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

You can’t change the economy, the Brexit vote result or our VUCA world.

And you can’t change the fact that many businesses need to downsize to survive.

But you can change how you think, feel and behave around these facts.

One solution to having to say goodbye to good people as a result of today’s climate is to consider and plan the outplacement training and coaching service you offer them.

What is outplacement?

It’s not about finding new employers and roles, or arranging work experience and placements for your people.

It’s about doing the best you can to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to develop, package and market themselves with confidence in the outside world.

Benefits to the employer?

You can take positive action that make reputational, economic and business sense:

  • Deliver a positive, encouraging experience for the leaver, and preserve your relationship with them

  • Hold budget-conscious, cost-effective outplacement events at your venue tailored to your needs

  • Feel assured that the consultant who delivers the training as part of your outplacement package will take them through all they need to launch themselves onto the job market

  • Reduce your worries about their future welfare

  • Help the people who stay see how well you supported their former colleagues, leading to better employee engagement

  • Enhance your reputation – as they’ll be more likely to find work quickly with training, fewer of your ex-employees will show as ‘jobseekers’ on Linked In

  • Manage your image – show the world how you think about and treat your people, and build a reputation for developing and caring for them

Benefits to the departing employee?

Give them:

  • A positive, encouraging development experience

  • Guidance from a tutor who’s been there and knows how to deal with this changing world

  • Reduced anxiety and worry

  • The practical new knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed

  • The confidence and resilience they need to take control of their next career steps

  • A positive experience with you that encourages them to be your brand ambassadors even after they’ve moved on


The consultant-tutor: Philippa Hammond [Assoc CIPD]

” I’m a corporate trainer and coach, having spent much of my career so far working with a great variety of organisations and clients to develop their people

I’ve been through the redundancy mill and out the other side myself, and I’ve learned how it all works in practice

I’ve trained business people and professionals with no knowledge how to cope when the unthinkable is about to happen to them

And I’ve been there to support and guide colleagues who’ve had to fight for their own jobs, or take the decision to go

I bring my own experience of redundancy, self-marketing and personal brand to your outplacement events

Honesty, credibility, empathy … shared experience on the same road … great training, coaching and interpersonal skills

I’ll help them develop new confidence and awareness of their skills, qualities and potential

I’ll train them how to develop and write a modern, punchy CV and Linked In profile

I’ll give my honest, respectful and constructive feedback on their current CVs, social media presence and personal impact

We can tailor your events to your budgets, your circumstances and your people.

I look forward to working with you”

Philippa Hammond

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