Sell yourself in 140 characters – the paper CV is dead. As companies rate potential employees on their online presence, you need to tweak your Twitter CV …

Social media sites aren’t just a way to get fired, but a great way to get hired, too. One company, Enterasys, is spurning paper CVs in favour of determining what candidates offer in 140 characters or less. They have been looking for a candidate with over a thousand followers who can inspire others to action with one tweet.

Recruiters can now see how professional – or unprofessional – people are by scanning the sum total of their tweets, and one employer, Poppy Dinsay, is beginning to ask candidates to include their twitter profiles with their applications. She is looking for three traits: originality, understanding and restraint.

So take a look at your Twitter feed as an employer or recruiter might see it – what does the sum total of your tweets say about you?


[adapted from an article by Rosamund Urwin, the Metro, 26/02/13]