Performance Management

A 1-day course for G4S
London July 2017


Delegates said …

Very informative

Made you think of the best approach to different situations

It was good not to have another PowerPoint presentation

Positive supportive and proactive

Learnt how to connect to staff better

Highlighting importance of devoting time to leading team

Importance of voice and body language in being identified as a leader

All aspects of the course were very relevant and useful

I will deal with staffing issues more effectively

Was made to feel at ease – v fun

Very useful and will use the ideas

The public speaking gave confidence

Very interesting enjoyable day

I really enjoyed the discussions

Very useful for my day to day working

I found the appraisal sections very useful and highlighted points to think about

Overall very good

Explains a lot of the reasoning behind the way things should / could be done

Really enjoyable

Understanding how to structure conversations and knowing that I’m on the right path

Will help to cascade knowledge to my staff

I feel confident

Good information and gave me more confidence

All good information to know and improved my outlook on management

I feel will be more confident when approaching demanding situations

All very relevant and interesting

How will the business benefit from your action plan when you are back at work? – Immensely.

About Philippa …

Refreshing knowledge of subject

Knowledgeable in all aspects of what we discussed


Very knowledgeable and helpful