The inspirational leader and manager needs to leave an impression. Always ask yourself – is it the one you intended to leave?

Inspirational leadership needs …

Technical skills – the basics around what you need to do. Management Creative’s training equips you with new management tools, new things to think about and the confidence to start to do things differently. We’ll briefly explore the theory, with plenty of realistic practice and useable feedback. It’s then up to you to bring it to life with experience and develop your own competency.

Judgement comes with experience and good habits. It will tell you when you need to do … ask … tell … stop, and so on.

Always ask yourself “what works – and what doesn’t?” Always be thinking about what we do, how we do it and what is the best outcome. It’s not about “but this is what we always do…”

Energy, enthusiasm and values are so powerful and critical. Be visibly passionate, caring and energetic about what you do, showing that you’re looking forward to the next challenge.

Honesty is the best policy. At core, people need to know where they stand with the leader / manager. They will be asking “what direction are we going in?” They need consistent, timely and visible leadership.

Visible leaders tell you what their thoughts are, they are honest about their worries and ask themselves where they may be letting people down.

The best leaders challenge and get a response, they give feedback and say it straight and honestly. People need to know where they stand. Tell them, both above and below you.

Commit to absolute honesty about what’s happening, about what’s going well and what needs to change.

So be brave, and do the right thing – if there is a problem in the team, it will affect everyone badly. Not dealing with a difficult issue will ultimately be worse than having to deal with it.

A leader can ask someone to do something … they want to do it … and you get results.