Change Management Skills

About the course …

  • Content of the course was excellent – Future Manager
  • Clear content. Can see how I can use this in the future – Future Manager
  • Very interactive and fun while still being very relevant – Future Manager
  • It will be so important in our role! – Future Manager
  • In my opinion this was the best session I have had in the Programme – Future Manager

About the tutor …

  • Excellent speaking and examples given – Future Manager
  • Provides good constructive feedback – Future Manager
  • Philippa is very clear. Good pacing, all questions answered – Future Manager

The most useful part of the course …

  • Very good being able to briefly cover the theory, then do a practical example [and discuss how these went] – Future Manager
  • Overall I think this has been the most useful and challenging part of the course so far. The role play was particularly useful – Future Manager
  • Practising the structure for introducing change in front of the group – Future Manager


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