Facilitation Skills

About the course …

  • Very useful skills to learn and practice – Staff Council Representative
  • Very clear what the objectives were and recap showed how we achieved them – Staff Council Representative
  • I feel I understood what “facilitation” means along with how to deliver a subject that I may know nothing about – Staff Council Representative
  • By the end of the training the room had changed from bland to thought provoking – Staff Council Representative
  • Able to put training into practice in a fun + safe environment – Staff Council Representative
  • Made me think how I can use the skills in a positive way to solve problems – Staff Council Representative

About the tutor …

  • Very good as able to put learning points into practice – Staff Council Representative
  • Philippa clearly demonstrated that her knowledge of facilitation was extensive – Staff Council Representative
  • The most useful part of the course …
  • I found the course very useful as I learned some new techniques … reminded of the importance of being impartial – Staff Council Representative

A day of public speaking and facilitation skills training for the Civil Aviation Authority, Gatwick

What they said about the course …

  • Presentation skills – ie how to stand, breathe, what to do with hands …
  • Practical tips for dealing with nervousness … really good practical advice …

What they said about the tutor …

  • Excellent!
  • Excellent knowledge and delivery
  • A great blend of instructional techniques

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