The Confident Communicator

About the course …

  • I am equipped with skills to be confident in communicating with others – Team Member
  • Really useful techniques discussed – Team Member
  • It has made me think about how I react and how I change – Team Member
  • I feel much more confident at delivering messages than before – New Manager
  • Was difficult and put me out of my comfort zone but was extremely useful – New Manager
  • This was the best course I have been on so far in the management programme – New Manager
  • I enjoyed the combination of presentation and role play – Team Member
  • Enjoyable but nerve wracking [Elevator pitch]. Had to be nerve-wracking though or we wouldn’t be here! – Team Member
  • Very useful and fun. Engaging conversation and an environment was created where there was no fear of failure – Team Member
  • I had fun while I was learning new skills and techniques – New Manager
  • I will be able to have more constructive conversations – Team Member
  • I learned some very useful techniques – Team Member
  • This was useful as it offered techniques in how to be more assertive – Team Member
  • I can use everything I have learnt in my day to day activities – Team Manager
  • Confidence and assertiveness are very important for my day to day handling – Team Member

About the tutor …

  • Philippa made this a two way session and all questions were embraced with clear useful answers – Team Manager
  • She gave constructive and practical training that I can utilise after this course in being more professional – Team Member
  • Very good and assisted in helping me to develop further – New Manager
  • Excellent and gave very constructive feedback – New Manager
  • Excellent elevator pitch – New Manager
  • Really good – New Manager
  • Philippa demonstrated depth and experience – she won my respect and trust in her very quickly. I felt in a safe learning environment because she showed she know what she was talking about.. Also she has a lovely manner about her – Team Member
  • Philippa was engaging and made everything she taught directly relevant – Team Member
  • Great examples, included own experiences – Team Member
  • Philippa was effective in how she conveyed her points. She balanced theory with practical tips – Team Member
  • Excellent – Team Member
  • Knew what she was talking about and had lots of experience with similar situations – Team Member
  • She was able to discuss various issues and provide tips and potential solutions – New Manager
  • Very knowledgeable and I would gladly have another course with her as trainer – Team Manager
  • Everything was explained fully and delivered really well – Team Member
  • Trainer was friendly and approachable – Team Member
  • Very good – she gave me some very good advice and feedback. Was also honest, which helped – Team Member
  • She was like an example of what we could become – Team Member

The most useful part of the course …

  • Roleplay in safe environment – New Manager
  • Techniques to approach difficult / challenging conversations – Team Member
  • Learning about ‘fight or flight’- Team Member
  • The roleplay scenarios – Team Member
  • The roleplays – New Manager



For further information, discussions and bookings:

Philippa Hammond

M – 07017 037590

T – 01273 500950


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