Leadership Essentials

First steps in management

About the course …

I feel much more confident in dealing with different people and personalities – Future Manager

The course was varied and engaging – Future Manager

The objectives and structure were clear and easy to follow throughout – Future Manager

I have learned so much more about management techniques than I expected to – New Manager

The course was extremely informative and gave me lots of food for thought – New Manager

Really well explained – Future Manager

The roleplays enabled me to put what I had learned into practice – New Manager

The opportunity to discuss the content with colleagues and bring them to life added real value – New Manager

I feel like I have learned a lot of new concepts – Future Manager

I know a lot more about effective management than prior to starting this course – New Manager

I really enjoyed the course and the interaction with the other managers – New Manager

Very engaging – good group and good trainer. Time flew by! – New Manager

I really took a lot away from it – New Manager

I now have the chance to go away and implement what I have learned! – Future Manager

Plenty of roleplays – very engaging – Future Manager

About the tutor …

Very observant and gives great feedback – New Manager

Philippa’s coaching is exceptional – Future Manager

Really competent and confident – Future Manager

Philippa is an excellent speaker – Future Manager

Made me think outside of my comfort zone and stretch myself – Future Manager

Excellent knowledge and insight into management styles, techniques and tools! – Future Manager

The course was interactive, engaging and the trainer able to provide help and guidance throughout – New Manager

Excellent – got everybody involved – New Manager

Very knowledgeable with relevant past experience – New Manager

Good and clear coaching – New Manager

Philippa came across as very knowledgeable and had examples ready for any scenario – New Manager

The most useful part of the course …

Learning styles and how you need to adapt your coaching approach – New Manager

Elevator pitch and presenting – New Manager

Sharing experience and recognising the individuals we are managing – New Manager

Elevator pitch and challenging conversations – New Manager

It was relevant to everything I do on a daily basis – New Manager

Elevator pitch – seeing others and getting feedback on mine – New Manager

Practice presenting and role-playing conversations – New Manager

Brilliantly structured and in particular, presented – New Manager

Incredibly useful – Future Manager


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